23 July 2007

In Which I Say That I Like Things Which I Like

Some of the things I like about this thread over at The Valve:

1) The line "If that was Socratic, I can sympathize with the Athenians."
2) Duck posting post-length comments of a philosophical character
3) Zizek saying silly things about IP and candy
4) Another Kotsko/Holbo fight
5) Kotsko going "Wait a minute, forget Zizek; lemme hear about this Dennett guy"
6) Holbo admitting that his cute Socratic bit might've been a bad choice
7) My evening spent reading "Real Patterns" paid off
8) Someone else called Holbo on his uncharitable reading of Kotsko's comments, so I didn't have to
9) "Almost every hacker will tell you that other languages are better." Zizek interviews have never failed to amuse me. (Another interview had a line to the effect of "No, I am not seriously advocating a return to Stalin; sorry, I'm not that crazy, I lived under Soviet rule, I know what it was like." This made it easier to see why Kotsko got so riled up about Holbo's Trilling essay.)
10) The Dennett quotation from "Dennett & His Critics" was one of the two parts of that book I read. I like recognizing things! It is good times.

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