26 August 2007

Blogroll Updated

Spontaneity and Receptivity is a blog about "Mind and World." The only way that can really go badly is if he never posts. I've found that even a bad article about "Mind and World" is pretty good; the only one I can recall not liking at all was Cripsin Wright's screed in "Reading Mind and World." I couldn't even finish that mess. Even that was worthwhile for McDowell's response, in the same volume.

Laelaps: Dinosaurs are awesome. So is intellectual history. Long posts about the history of paleontology are thus double-awesome.

My life as a 1-L begins tomorrow, and I've spent the past five days getting moved into my new apartment, but I have several things I want to blog about: Wittgenstein and Deconstruction was one of those articles which is nice for saying just the sorts of things you wanted someone to say, so you didn't have to make up a strawman to beat up on. The recent NDPR review of Macintyre's collected essays was much the same. But, I have to be out the door at 7:30 in the morning, and I still have to vacuum up all the dirt we kicked up putting together modular furniture. After that's done, I'm thinking: Sonic the Hedgehog Collection on the Gamecube, or maybe watch some more of the 10th season of The Simpsons. I'm up to the "Max Powers" episode, which I recall as being less egregiously unfunny than most of the later episodes.

This posts basically exists for two reasons: Remind myself that I wanted to blog about those two articles, and see if that guy at Spontaneity & Receptivity just links to anyone who links to him.

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