17 December 2007

Cutting it close

I have submitted my grad school application for Chicago. Now I get to wait three months. And hope that FedEx didn't lose my writing sample. And worry that my writing sample was a horrible mess and I should be ashamed of myself for submitting it. And my knee's still all swolen, and the number the hospital gave me for an orthopedist ended up being some guy who only does hip and ankle replacements. And I don't have the slightest idea what I'm supposed to do this spring, since it'll be the first time in my life since toddlerhood to have a "semester" with no classes to go to. And my poor car has been sold for scrap metal. And my mom's having another bladder surgery on Wednesday.

But for now, it's time to relax.



Shawn said...

Was Chicago the only program you applied to or was it just the one you submitted today?

Daniel Lindquist said...

Just the one I submitted today.

J said...

The average, competent RN outranks a philosophaster grad. student--or "PhD". Even Russell had his doubts about the metaphysics bidness: better an hour with Newton than a year with Plato, or something to that effect.

But keeep da byatch runnin': bureaucrats need your shekels, as does the athletic department/mafia.

Hollyjolly xmassss

Duck said...

Congratulations! Let us hope that I may repeat myself in three months' time. I almost applied to Chicago, but then I thought "whom am I kidding?" and saved myself $60. I have no complaints about where I did go – the only place I got funding (waitlisted at Rutgers) – but now I think I shoulda gone for it.

Anyway, good luck. Did you say you had an 8-page blog comment about Davidson? Where was that, Kotsko's? Can you link?

Daniel Lindquist said...

Bad news on the Davidson-comment front: It turned out I had doubled too often: It was a two-page comment, four pages double-spaced. I misremembered it as eight pages because I was thinking that would be its length when double-spaced. It was in one of the old Davidson threads at Clark's place (what ever happened to that guy?). It turns out it was not actually longer than several of my other comments there; I had three comments of that length.

It actually did no occur to me to hunt through comment thread at In And For Itself for possibly usable content. Ah well, what's done is done. Now is the waiting.

Also the application fee was only $55. Though I guess FedExing the writing sample may have cost five bucks; I really have no idea. My sister ran it down to the place for me, since I can't drive for a while. Oh, and I guess I had to pay tenbux for a UT transcript. So I could've saved myself at least $65 if I hadn't shot for Chicago. Gambling's fun, though.

I managed to get through undergrad with no loans; my only debt is from this semester of law school. So if I end up having to go deeper in debt for grad school, well, I can probably work something out.

Also, Merry Christmas Tossy! My sister's headed the nursing route (she's a freshman now); I'm sure she appreciates the compliment. Also you would do well to remember that Descartes is reputed to have said that one ought to study physics for an hour per day, metaphysics for an hour per year. ("You would do well to remember" in the sense that one can always use more pithy quotations. It can't always be Russelll.)

Duck said...

what ever happened to [Clark]?

I think he's earned a spot on your Guys Who Never Update, Ever list.

Daniel Lindquist said...


N.N. was getting close, but I figured he was just hurrying to finish his dissertation or somesuch. I really have no idea what Clark's doing now. I guess he has kids and a wife; those probably detract from internet time. Or at least "sitting in front of a computer composing essays on obscure topics" time.

I picked up the Pierce book he kept recommending; Half-Price Books had a copy of "The Continuity of Pierce's Thought" for four dollars. As a hardback. Hard to pass up a deal like that. I should post a list of all the neat stuff I found at Half-Price Books in Austin; I'll need to unpack my book-boxes, but I made sure to get the HPB stuff stored together. I think my grant total for the four stores (one twice!) topped $300. orz

(hmmph. That doesn't look right in a serifs font. "orz" is supposed to look like a little man bowing in defeat. See, the 'z' is his legs, and the 'o' is his head. But it looks like his arms are split with the serifs.)

Duck said...

I see the little guy, but it's not clear why exactly he is prostrating himself. Maybe it's defeat, but maybe it's supplication or something (which way is Mecca from here?).

I got that Peirce book from Labyrinth (cheap, but more than $4 I think). Looks good, but I'm not getting to it any time soon.

J said...

"On the Ontology of University Athletic Departments: A Critical Examination".

Schmutzendorff, D.R.

Hey Rube you thought College days had something to do with say GWF Hegel, haploids, or Werner Heisenberg??? Nichtski. All about Heisman, as in trophy bay-be.

N. N. said...

May Gino's pizza paid for by a UC stipend be in your near future.

So, I'm guessing that you didn't like law school or you didn't like Austin. Since the latter is impossible, what turned you from wanting to be a lawyer?

I'm sorry to hear about your mother's surgery. Hope it goes well.

Daniel Lindquist said...

The little guy is bowing in defeat, since $300 is more than I am generally comfortable with spending on books, in a one-week period. Though I actually managed to not spend all of the loan-moneys I got for the semester; I guess I used less gas than they'd alloted for me, or something.

On deciding to quit law school: I had no interest in what I was studying. I felt like I was taking a bunch of gen-ed courses. It was just boring. If I had wanted to do boring, complicated things for a living, I would have gone into accounting.

Mom's surgery went fine. She's home resting now.