09 January 2008

And his site has an RSS feed finally

Clark, the guy from Mormon Metaphysics, appears to not be dead. He has a new blog at Wordpress, now called "Pragmatic Metaphysics". Presumably, it will have posts at some point; right now he's playing with the stylesheet. But it can't hurt to go ahead and update your preferred RSS reader. "Mormon Metaphysics" has spawned plenty of good comment thread discussions about Davidson, Pierce, Derrida, and Heidegger, and presumably this will also hold true of the new blog.

Also, I have decided I like Adam Smith's Lost Legacy. It is a blog about Adam Smith contra the Chicago School's appropriation of him. There are hundreds of posts all devoted to basically the same topic. You have to admire that sort of dedication.

Please also note that I have scratched out some more thoughts on Brandom's fifth Locke Lecture, in the previous post. It occurs to me that I probably should have made it a new post, rather than editing stuff in several weeks later. But it seemed a little short for its own post, at the time.

edit: Oh hey, Kant Blog has updated. Today is a good day to be a Guy Who Never Updates, Ever. Pity I don't know any more about the history of magnetism than he does. If anyone wants to suggest books on the history of science from about 1750 to about 1850, that would be swell.

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