01 July 2012

Zizek googles himself too much, Or: Fess up, who linked Zizek to a post of mine from five years ago?

An edit on a post of Adam Kotsko's has alerted me to the fact that I'm in the index to "Less Than Nothing", Zizek's latest big book. He block-quotes a post of mine from back when I was still in law school, durdling around with a blog to avoid doing my reading for "Contracts". I haven't read one of the pages that's presumably in reply to me because I can't see it via "Search Inside", but I replied to what I could see about myself in the comments on Kotsko's post.

It is at least a little embarrassing to see my old prose in print. But hey, I can go to Barnes & Noble and see my name now!

The elipses in the block-quote of my post in the book omits the fact that I originally had a picture of an anime character (Caster from "Fate/Stay Night") as my "Read More!" link. That used to seem like a reasonable thing to do with my blog. Oh internet, you so crazy.

edit: From page 289: "for me, replying to this critique is almost embarrassing": you and me both, buddy! So why did you feel the need to do it? From what I recall of watching my old blog-traffic, that post was never linked to anywhere online and I only had ~30 regular readers (based on pageviews). Why is it committed to the page, now?


Will said...

I don't know enough about your background (do you have published material to quote from?) but - wow, a bit mental this

Daniel Lindquist said...

Nope! I don't even have conference presentations to list on my CV. And the one blog post Zizek quotes is the one blog post I've written on Zizek. (I didn't keep on with blogging "For They Know Not What They Do" because I thought my other possible posts were more interesting. I guess I did not know what I was doing!)

Will said...

Ha! I just got to the part where you were mentioned.

He kind of pegs you as an academic Hegelian ideologue. Not a big fan of him referring to you as "My critic", if he is going to pluck you out from obscurity as least drop your name in.