09 February 2008

I can't believe that worked

Backstory: I dropped out of law school at the end of last semester, since I'd come to realize that I hated everything about what I was headed towards there. But, if I'd dropped out during the semester, I would've had to repay my scholarship funds for that semester (several thousand dollars, if memory serves). So I had to complete the semester "in good standing" -- I had to sit for my exams, then drop out between semesters. (Technically I could fail one class by not showing up for the exam, and just take an 'F' in the course, without ceasing to be a "student in good standing". Which I did. I had already been back in Dallas for two days when my Contracts exam was going on.)

Now, exams were shortly after I spun my car into a tree. And I was not planning on ever going back to law school. So I didn't bother studying at all. Or even catching up on the reading I'd fallen behind on. I planned on just taking my four 'F's and moving on with my life, figuring that my law school GPA was never going to be anything that mattered.

Now the funny part is, one of my exams (Civil Procedure) consisted of forty multiple-choice questions. And the exam constituted 90% of the grade, the remainder being participation credit. (Which I'm sure I didn't get, since I was in Dallas on the day I was "on call" -- it was the day of my dad's heart surgery, and I'd already decided I was dropping out anyway.) The questions were pretty complicated, based on the sample questions I looked at, so it's not like it was a joke exam. It was forty rather tough multiple-choice questions.

Wait, forty multiple-choice questions? I knew how to handle this! The answer is 'C'. The answer is always 'C'. No need to read the questions, or open the test booklet! Mark 40 'C's, write my name on the top of the scantron, and turn the exam in two minutes after I walk in (late) for the exam.

Today, for the first time, I checked my grades from last semester: I passed that class. With a 'C'.

Sometimes life is good.

(I actually managed to pass Property, too, and its exam was a dozen short essays. One of which I answered with a single sentence, since I was tired of writing and couldn't think of anything better to put. (Suggested response-length for that essay was "A page to a page-and-a-half".) I guess I was paying more attention in that class than I thought. I somehow managed to get 9 hours of law-school credit when I wasn't trying to pass. And hey, my GPA is 1.75 points higher than I expected it to be!)

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